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Rustoleum Female Thin Caps (AA&PT Valves)(50)
Sale price: $9.00

 Dubbed "The Big Toe" cap for its resemblance to the appendage!These are our new female thins. We hope you like them as much as the predecesor caps but we realize they have big, uh, shoes to fill...

Female Thin Caps for male valves. Compatible with American Accents and Painter's Touch/Painter's Touch 2X cans. Sprays a clean, nice, thin line (1/2" to 1" thick), great for outlines, highlights and borders. Comparable to and modeled after NY Thin Caps.

 Also available in 100, 500, and 1,000 packs.


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Customer Reviews

Review by  JOE?
(posted on Nov 30, 2010)
Product Rating:
Lovin these caps!!! Lines are thin n tight like a virgin on prom night lol.. i recomend to anyone who's outlining or detailing their work.!!!!
Review by  Joe Shmoe
(posted on Oct 24, 2010)
Product Rating:
These things are great and now that Rusto is going all Male valve for the Stops Rust line. They are essential to have. Thank you trout.
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