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Boston Rusto Fats (50)
Sale price: $9.00

If you like our Boston/Rusto Thins then you will LOVE these Boston Fats. We modeled the spray after New York fat caps, but you will not see these bad boys leaking all over your cans and feet. Fat caps for female valves, perfect for original Rustoleum or old stock American Accents and Painter's Touch cans. These caps are magical, virtually eliminating the classic Rusto valve stutter problem and also have a nice low pressure feel. Compatible with old valve Krylon, Spanish Montana/MTN, and most off label American brands. Great for filling in large work areas and for flaring effects. 

Oh Yeah!!! We also had these made in Jungle Green so telling them apart from our Boston Thins should be a snap! 

Also available in 100, 500, and 1,000 packs.

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Customer Reviews

Review by  boss2
(posted on Nov 14, 2010)
Product Rating:
Say good bye to the old rusto fat caps! These produce much fatter and harder lines than the old rusto fat caps. I have tested these caps on almost every brand of paint and i have had no leakes with them at all! these are great caps for everything! well recomended!
Review by  goodman
(posted on Nov 11, 2010)
Product Rating:
these babies are BOMB!!!! hard to clog and produce nice fat solid lines!
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